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    I just wanted to say happy Thanksgiving to you all! I also wanted to take this time to say that I am thankful for all of you and what each and everyone of you bring to the table here at SGN. Thanks for making SGN a safe and fun environment for all gamers! Enjoy your Thanksgiving and eat and drink :)
    You may have read it in the Weekly Update: Volume 5, Issue 1 but this is the official thread for you to discuss and submit your entries for the SGN Fallout 4 Settlement contest! This is your chance to show off your creative skills and develop the best damn settlement in the Wastelands. This contest is open to any SGN member and is not...
    Yay! The shoutbox doesn't eat our messages anymore!

    We have a new shoutbox! @SxKxGunslinger paid for it, so be sure to thank her when you see her!

    With this shoutbox we can have multiple rooms. There are 5 rooms available right now.
    1. Super Smash Bros.
    2. Playstation 4
    3. Xbox One
    4. Nintendo
    5. PC

    You can also tag...
    Greetings SGN!

    Last Sunday, we introduced a new meeting style where we are more structured and the community gets to hear from the staff instead of mostly hearing Ryan talk. Granted we all love hearing his soothing voice just before he belches in our ears but now you get to hear from all of us. Though I don’t recall a moment of his signature...
    Welcome to SGN v3.0! We have completely revamped the style! Its much cleaner and mobile friendly. :)

    If anyone notices any bugs or have feedback on something, please tell me in this thread! :)
    SGN v3.0 Feedback | The Syndicate Gaming Network

    For iPhone/iPad users, if you are...