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    1. Steph
      Created by Steph
      Jul 30, 2014 at 10:13 AM

      Anybody else remember seeing these ads in history class (or through personal experience)? I tried my hand at making one but the results were less than stellar. Community nights are coming back full force. Check the calendar for upcoming dates. That goes for staff, too. If at all possible, try and NOT use party chat, let other people see how much fun you're having. Make them want to join. Use this as a recruiting opportunity. Bond, be...
    2. Newbkakes
      Created by Newbkakes
      Jul 29, 2014 at 8:43 AM
      Hey guys! We're now at Bronze+ level. So what does that mean?? GOOD QUESTION! I'm not sure, but what I do know is we're 2 sales away from silver so lets get them! Please remember when buying or letting people know you need to purchase from this link:

      We get $1 per sale that goes to help us run the community! (Site costs, TS3 costs, logos, ect, ect) Right now everything comes out of the Staffs pockets! Lets help the...
    3. Steph
      Created by Steph
      Jul 28, 2014 at 3:45 AM
      HI. Many of you don't know me because I have kinda switched to PC, so many more things to do. I do, however, have an Xbox One. I own: Ghosts, Titanfall, PvZ, and soon will own Destiny and the Halo collection. I am the site's Community Manager. I want the members to be happy in their community, with their fellow members, and with the staff members. If you have any problems, any questions, any issues at all, PLEASE feel free to let me know! I love helping people. I want everybody to be happy....
    4. Steph
      Created by Steph
      Jul 22, 2014
      CEO- SGN OverFist
      * Has Veto power when and if the CEO feel this is in the best interest for the community
      *Approve all expenditures
      *Approve all sponsors, mergers, and partnerships

      OVERSEER - NeWbKaKeS
      *Make sure all staff are following rules and decisions my by CEO and staff agreements
      *Must be very cut and dry about rulings and decisions
      *Reports directly to the CEO
      *Resolve all issues between Staff (Issues between staff about games are the duty...
    5. SGN OverFist
      Created by SGN OverFist
      Jul 16, 2014
      As we all know there are a lot of cost to keep this community up and running. We ask that our members donate what they can, when they can to try and help cover some of the cost that we have. SGN will always update you with where we are at with donations, what we are spending the money on and even let you know who has donated what/when.

      With that being said, if you are able to donate to SGN then please head to and hit the donate button....