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    1. Welcome to SGN! If you have recently registered, you can expect one of our staff members to contact you within a few days. Feel free to browse the website and chat with us in the shoutbox above!
    2. We here at SGN are happy to announce that we have a new Event Manager here. SxKxRegulator will be helping to make some community nights for you all to enjoy! If you have any ideas on events we should hold please contact him.
    3. We have made some changes in LoL and now Hostess Master will be running our LoL division. We know he will help them to succeed and lead them to great things :)
    4. That's right, Halo is here! SGN is proud to let you all know that Tedzy and Newbkakes will be taking charge of our Halo division. Wanna join? Hit them up!
    1. SxKxRegulator
      Created by SxKxRegulator
      Dec 18, 2014 at 5:20 AM

      Your mission, should you choose to except it, is simple; fire up your consoles drop into Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and destroy. Shoot first, ask no questions. Invite your fellow SGN members! Most of all, just have fun ;)
    2. SxKxRegulator
      Created by SxKxRegulator
      Dec 17, 2014 at 9:16 PM
      Good evening SGN!

      On Monday, December 29th at 7pm CST, put down your controllers, hop on the SGN TeamSpeak channel on join your fellow members in a little PC game called....Team Fortress 2. It's free to play and here is the link if you need it...

      This is an excellent opportunity to play games with those you don't normally get to play with so like I said, put down the controllers ;) unless you use a...
    3. KatieBiscuits
      Created by KatieBiscuits
      Dec 16, 2014 at 12:23 AM
      Lots to talk about this week, gang!

      First bit of fun news: Ryan will be updating the site this week! Let’s hope nothing breaks ;) He’ll also be adding a new section for the PS4 comp team and a staff page. And to go along with that, please be sure to check back in and stay active on here as well as in game. Understand many of us are busy, especially this time of year, but one of the beauties of SGN is the comaraderie across games and platforms so let’s make sure we don’t forget about that,...
    4. SxKxRegulator
      Created by SxKxRegulator
      Dec 6, 2014
      Hey SGN!

      Starting in January (17th most likely), I'll be starting a monthly event where you the members decide on what game we're playing for a night. Since everyone may not have all the same games, this event may become more frequent. So check out the poll and vote. If you don't see a game, let me know and I can add it. Have a suggestion, send me a message. I want to hear your suggestions!

      After the results, a calendar event will be created so don't forget to RSVP so we all know who...
    5. SxKxRegulator
      Created by SxKxRegulator
      Dec 6, 2014
      Hey SGN!

      In case you missed the fun of the community PC gaming night, don't worry there will be another ;) Each month we will have a community PC event where we can get on Teamspeak, hang out and play a PC game. For now, it will always be a free to play game. Though I need your help...this is for all of us to come together and have fun so use this thread to express what games you'd like to play. Just throwing a few suggestions...Team Fortress 2, Warframe, Ghost Recon Phantoms, Planetside...