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    1. Generation71
      Created by Generation71
      Oct 21, 2014 at 8:42 PM
      Hello there SGN!

      As you may already know, we have made a lot of additions to our stream team the past few weeks. The results have given us the capability of bringing you nightly streams FIVE NIGHTS a week! It will not only be a chance to get together and game, but to meet new people who might be interested in joining a new gaming community. For these streams to be successful, though, we need...
    2. Generation71
      Created by Generation71
      Oct 20, 2014 at 9:10 PM
      Hello SGN,

      If you don't already know me, my name is TheGeneration71, and I will be taking over this weeks recap. Many things have transpired, so hold on to your seats and buckle up!

      In our weekly staff meeting on 10/19/14, we went over the importance of certain staff roles, certain promotions, new additions, and up coming events! I will be going over each briefly. We also have some depressing news that will be recapped at the end of this announcement.

      It has been a tough couple of weeks for...
    3. SGN Nyx
      Created by SGN Nyx
      Oct 8, 2014
      NOTICE: Please Tweet this out, members!

      Hello, everyone!

      Here at the Syndicate Gaming Network we're happy to announce we're holding a Costume Contest for not only our members, but any individual who chooses to participate via SGN and Twitter. By participating in the Costume contest, all entrants agree to abide by SGN's rules and regulations.

      How to Enter: Any and all...
    4. SGN Nyx
      Created by SGN Nyx
      Oct 7, 2014
      Good evening, ladies & gents

      We need you, the members, to get the word out! We, the staff, have come up with a poster for you to tweet/post any where you can possibly think of for the month of October. So, get out there and spread the hype!

      Play on, ghouls and monsters!


    5. Generation71
      Created by Generation71
      Oct 6, 2014
      Time to kick off October with this little teaser! Please show that awesome SGN support everyone!

      Creeptober Is Coming...