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    1. SxKxRegulator
      Created by SxKxRegulator
      Mar 23, 2015 at 8:05 PM
      Greetings SGN!

      Like some of you, I missed last night’s meeting but alas, I have my sorcerous ways so hold on to your butts because here comes the weekly recap ;) And have faith or this may be you

      First, thanks to @SxKxGunslinger for taking the notes! Second, did I miss the burp fest?

      If you haven't noticed yet, there are some new forum areas in the "Games We Play" section. Say hello to CS:GO, Evolve and Smash Bros! Coming soon for all...
    2. SxKxRegulator
      Created by SxKxRegulator
      Mar 16, 2015
      Greetings SGN!

      Hooray, you’re all still here! Further down you’ll see all the new members as well or at least most of them. Hopefully I don’t miss any. In any case, great job by the game officers and recruiters. You all have been doing an amazing job. If anyone has issues related to SGN, remember who to talk to…I’ll wait for you all to say it…that’s right, talk to Gunslinger, our Community Manager.

      Comp team finished up there charity stream and thank you to all that came out to support...
    3. SxKxRegulator
      Created by SxKxRegulator
      Mar 11, 2015
      Alright SGN,

      The first raid speedruns are complete and yes, PS4 burned X1 but dammit, we had fun ;) So, now for part 2. This won't necessarily be a rematch. I'm looking to expand this event beyond SGN. We'll still host it under UGE/SGN but would like to take this a step further. I've got the attention of another group and will be looking for others but I'd like to know who's interested in another speedrun and compete with others outside of SGN. Perhaps the PS4 team can break the...
    4. UGETheRedGamer
      Created by UGETheRedGamer
      Mar 11, 2015
      To All,

      Our Battlefield Hardline Promotional Giveaway is officially running! While no affiliates from either SGN/UGE can enter, we need your help to promote the giveaway! This is also being used slightly as an experiment for validity in terms of cross-promotion for the group.

      To have people enter, spread the following link:

      Questions/Comments/Concerns, let me know
    5. SxKxRegulator
      Created by SxKxRegulator
      Mar 9, 2015
      Greetings SGN!

      Welcome to another installment of your weekly updates. Go ahead and grab your drink of choice, settle in but don’t get too comfortable since the meeting was pretty short thus I’m sad to say this issue will be rather short; though there is a surprise at the end. No skipping!

      Katie lead the meeting and while Ryan was very quiet for most of the meeting, Bloody was kind enough to take on the burping role ;) Thanks Bloody! Not sure Katie really wanted that part of the job....