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    1. Trojan origami horse
      Created by Trojan origami horse
      Jan 20, 2015 at 7:00 AM
      On July 7th, it is national zombie day. A celebration of all things zombie in pop culture, music, movies, and especially VIDEO GAMES!!!

      I prepose a day long event celebrating this event by having all our members playing through zombie games like sunset overdrive, TLOU, dying light, day z, DR, and etc. we could have trivia on teamspeak, and some prizes and contests. One thing tho: you have to play a game with zombies in them in...
    2. KatieBiscuits
      Created by KatieBiscuits
      Jan 19, 2015
      Bittersweet minutes this week guys! Next week I turn this valuable job over to Regulator ;)

      Here’s what’s the haps with SGN this week:

      • We are going to revamp the CoC to be more generic and user-friendly. That being said, please always be mindful of your manners in public places, like the website/shoutbox and Twitch/Twitter streams especially, as these are visible to sponsors and prospective members
      • The website rebrand and revamp is still in the works with nothing to share as of...
    3. SxKxRegulator
      Created by SxKxRegulator
      Jan 19, 2015
      Trojan and I are looking for SGN members who are interested in speed running through games. Dependent upon interest, this could become a series of events for SGN. Basic premise, completing games as quickly as possible.

      If you're interested in participating, please let us know and also include what game you want to speed run. Doesn't matter what system but you'll have to be able to stream it.

      If you're interested in knowing more about speed runs, check out Games Done Quickly....
    4. James Rock
      Created by James Rock
      Jan 14, 2015
      As part of the SGN rebrand, we are looking to make our stream more active with members streaming. Our goal is to have a streamer everyday of the week (with a possible day off— i.e. Sunday). Let us know if you're interested by answering the poll!

      Update 1/14/15: We have enough interest to have streaming going all week with a modified schedule on Wednesday (for now). Everyone who voted for a day, would you be able to provide hours that you would consistently be...
    5. KatieBiscuits
      Created by KatieBiscuits
      Jan 13, 2015
      What a meeting on Sunday! First time we’ve maxed out our server.
      But for those who couldn’t attend, here’s what was discussed:

      Changes in staff:
      Generation is stepping down as Overseer but will stay on as just a member. I am NOT leaving, but rather will be taking on the Overseer role ;) Which means that PR is now open for James to step up and own. Female assassin was also promoted to the AW officer for XBOX. Congrats to all! We’re still looking for some recruiters on both platforms to...