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Source: Original Author: tuanweizu Published: 2019-11-04 09:14:16

Dear teachers and students,
good morning everyone!

国旗下演讲的题目是 “诚信做人,诚信考试”。 The topic of my speech today under the national flag is " Be Honest, Be Honest."
--- 期中考试。 The wind came and went, the flowers bloomed and fell, and in a blink of an eye, one quarter of the school year has passed, and we will have the first large-scale exam of this semester tomorrow-the mid-term exam.
诚信 二字 “诚信做人,诚信考试”,说出来就像是天经地义一般平常 ,其实却很难做到。 Since ancient times, the word " integrity " is indispensable in the test room. "Being honest and being an honest test" is as common as it is natural , but it is difficult to achieve. 所应遵守的准则。 Honesty and trustworthiness are the rules that every student should follow. 读书人都是以节操为本,以诚信为基。 Since ancient times, scholars have been based on discipline and integrity. 更应传承民族美德,树立道德新风,展示我校道德生活教育的成果。 Students in our experimental middle school should inherit the national virtues, establish a new moral style, and demonstrate the results of our school's moral life education.
I remember someone once said, "There are only two things in this world that can cause a deep shock. One is the brilliant starry sky above us, and the other is the noble morality in our hearts." Today, we look up to the sky and the sky is still clear Some of the lofty moral laws in our hearts need us to call again. Integrity is one of them. Li Bai said, "Three cups of arrogant promises, Wuyue is light." Describes the weight of integrity is heavier than Dashan. Confucius said that "people can't believe without trust," meaning "people who are not honest can hardly imagine." 更将诚信提升到了一个立身于世无它不可的境界。 Lu Zhaolin said, "If anyone is in the sky, loyalty, clothing , faith , and robes," it will further promote integrity to a state where it is impossible to stand in the world.
Integrity is so important that we should cherish it even more. If it is only for relatively beautiful scores or to escape the embarrassment of the moment, and leave a disgraceful fortune in our memories, would it be a pity?
Honesty is not only a kind of self-esteem, self-respect, self-love, but also a true self, a frank self, and an honest self. This is a glory. As the old saying puts it, "Those who hold things in the dark room are better than fire; those who rope in the world are better than honest." With fire, you can illuminate the darkness, and with integrity, you can stand on the world. Integrity is the backbone of people. "Mountains have no backbones, they must collapse. Tigers have no backbones, and they are not kings. People have no backbones. Don't be a man, make a rice bag, and put rice." To be honest with everything, everything can be achieved. "I am honest, so I am beautiful; I am honest, so I am proud. 出色 水平,以诚信考试为荣,以违纪作弊为耻,弘扬求实学风,维护知识尊严! We sincerely hope that all of our classmates will play an outstanding level in the exam room with their hard work and real talents, take pride in the integrity of the exam, be ashamed of cheating in violation of discipline, and promote the style of realistic learning and maintain the dignity of knowledge!
Some students may not have satisfactory test scores, but even if their scores are not satisfactory, do not use unfair competition methods in the exam. We should be bright and clear. Be an honest person! To win, you must win others' conviction. Even if you lose, you must be frank.
If you want to cheat in an exam, you want to speculate in an exam. So I want to ask, will you show off with the high score you have gained by losing your dignity? 人格 而拿到的荣誉 去讥讽别人的诚信! Still holding on to the honour gained by violating your own personality , to ridicule the integrity of others! 堕落之后再堕落,如同吸食着毒品,一点一点的吞噬你自己的精神 你自己的人生! Under that brief falsehood, everything is vanityless. Life cannot bloom brilliant flowers in the lie. You will only fall in it and fall after it, just like taking drugs and devouring them bit by bit. Your own spirit , your own life!
辉煌过,而事实呢? Maybe you still have some illusions, thinking that at least everyone knows that I have passed the exam and have been brilliant, but the fact? “诚信做人 诚信考试 ”的氛围里 扮演着那最为可笑的小丑 In the end, you have not been deceived, and no one has been harmed. You are just playing the most ridiculous clown in the atmosphere of "honesty and integrity test " . You always thought you were smart, and you didn't know you had been deceiving yourself and kidding your own destiny! Just kidding your own life! 用那虚伪的永远都不会真实的贱卖一点点的掩埋自己,欺骗自己,到最后你只会在亲人的失望,老师的叹息,同学的歧视下慢慢逝去。 You're right next to everyone , burying yourself a little bit with a hypocritical bargain that will never be true, in the end you will only slowly pass away with the disappointment of your loved ones, the sigh of the teacher, and the discrimination of your classmates.
Ask: Are you willing to deceive yourself and eat the evil results?
Are you willing to admit that you are worse than others, and inferior to others?
Are you willing to see the fiasco behind the cold window of ten years, the self who lost his integrity and personality?
I believe we all say "No!" None will accept it! 光彩! Because we are all eager to bloom our own glory through our own efforts !

     On the way to study, we go hand in hand to seek truth from facts, and use our hands and dreams to compose a blueprint for our lives. Down-to-earth is our faith, hard work is our creed, we firmly believe that there will be rewards for giving, and the flower of dreams is blooming under the continuous pouring of sweat. 梦的道路上,我们不怕艰险不畏 险阻 ,携手并进互相帮扶,既然选择了前方,便 风雨兼程 On the road to chasing dreams , we are not afraid of danger and danger , and go hand in hand to help each other. Since we have chosen the front, we have to go through the storms !

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