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Burning flame of youth
Source: Original Author: tuanweizu Published: 2019-11-04 09:30:29

Burning flame of youth

孔祥杰 Kong Xiangjie, Experimental Middle School of Gaoqing County

Some people say that youth is a beautiful picture, engraved with ignorance and romance; others say that youth is a beautiful note, rippling beautiful and cheerful. But in my ears, the voice from afar echoed from time to time: youth is the capital of hard work! Youth is a great time for dedication!

1919年,中国巴黎外交失败之际,罪恶的野心家将山东的主权移交给日本,本是战胜国的中国却遭受到不公平的待遇,这样的耻辱怎能不让他们恼怒? The voice came from 1919, when China ’s Paris diplomacy failed, the sinister ambitions handed over the sovereignty of Shandong to Japan, but China, the victorious country, suffered unfair treatment. How can such shame not make them angry? They, the patriotic young students of Peking University, saw the incompetence of the Beiyang government and the backwardness of China. In the face of patriotic feelings and national justice, the youths spontaneously marched on the streets, demonstrated, followed the others, and even willingly dedicated their young lives just to preserve a little dignity for China in the international community!

They are still a group of children, and the affairs of the country should not have been born on their young shoulders. ——一颗颗流淌着爱国热血的青年们,他们知道:少年强,则国强;少年志,则国志;少年雄于地球,则国雄于地球。 However, it is also them -young people who are patriotic and enthusiastic. They know that: juveniles are strong, then the country is strong; juveniles are true, the country is strong; juveniles are better than the earth, and nations are better than the earth.

100年前的有志少年用血淋淋的事实告诉我们的道理!!! This is the truth that aspiring teenagers 100 years ago used bloody facts to tell us !!!

100年前屈辱的历史再也不会重现,同样身为青少年的我们该如何继续传承发扬革命先烈们用生命捍卫的奉献精神呢? Now, the New China that they have exchanged for their dreams and blood has been built into a prosperous and democratic country. The history of humiliation 100 years ago will never be repeated. As youths, how can we continue to carry forward the revolutionary martyrs? What about the dedication of life defense? Now in a peaceful and prosperous age, we don't have to save the building of the Chinese nation like a revolutionary predecessor, but we can start with the trivialities of daily life and help others and dedicate ourselves anytime, anywhere.

On Saturday afternoon, I came to the countryside as a volunteer to install a closet prepared in advance for the first and second grade children . As soon as I entered the door, it wasn't as if the book had written it: the mother was sitting on the ground, basking in wheat, and the father was feeding livestock in the cowshed. It was a shabby house, and a dirt dog with a dirty fur lay on the ground scratching his head, not a bit angry, probably because he was not full. The male host who was waiting for us early extended his hand to us enthusiastically and greeted us to sit down, but the room was empty and there was not even a decent stool, and we did not abandon it. I inadvertently saw a little boy with a dark red face and a little plateau red. He was wearing school uniforms, but the sleeves had been worn away. ——一双乌溜溜的大眼睛。 To my surprise, his ordinary dress was inlaid with an obsidian -big black eyes. Looking at him, I seemed to see his deep expectations. I knew that the bedside table he was waiting for us to install might be the only bedside table in his childhood. Unconsciously, the sun also turned from one side to the other, and we also finished the installation, and the little boy came out of his low room. Although the wardrobe was a little humble, for the little boy, the excited expression on his face couldn't be concealed, as if it was the greatest favor given to him. I also smiled excitedly, and the difficulty of the installation just disappeared.

I have seen many expectant faces, felt many young hearts, and seen many excited smiles. This is just a trivial thing I can do for these lovely children. For us, these may be trivial, but for them, they are precious. This is also the May 4th spirit that my father often taught me. ——奉献。 Maybe my father said it is too big, and I won't feel it, but I know that my side is also full of this faith -dedication.

In school, I became a good helper for teachers, and built a bridge between teachers and classmates. Students would also ask me if they had any questions, and I did my best to help them. As a monitor, I strive to do every job in the class and the school, treat everything with a serious and responsible attitude, and give teachers and students a satisfactory answer. This is what I should look like as a teenager in the new era. “文能提笔安天下,武能挥师定八荒。”但我们可以努力学习,做个有用的人才;我们也不能像邓小平同志那样“改革春风吹满地,时代新路换天地。”但我们可以团结他人,积极向上;我们更不能像习近平总书记那样“一带一路连世界,东方雄国万朝贺。”但是我们能拼搏奋斗,跟上时代的脚步。 Although we cannot be like Chairman Mao Zedong, "Wenneng can write the world, martial arts can be used as a decisive force." But we can study hard and be useful talents; we cannot, like Comrade Deng Xiaoping, "reform the spring breeze, the times A new road changes the world. "But we can unite others and be positive; we can't be like General Secretary Xi Jinping," The Belt and Road connects the world, and the East is a hero. "But we can struggle and keep up with the times.

“居安思危”。 Today we live in a time without turbulence, but our minds and spirits can not be neglected for a moment. As the saying goes, "security is at stake". We must do the same. The things passed down by the older generation must not be lost. The great motherland has entered a new period of historical development. The torch dedicated to the "May 4th Spirit" has also passed into our hands. We will carry it forward. Remember the revolutionary martyrs and serve the social country, so the burned years can be called "youth"!


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