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2018 Winter Holiday Program
Source: Original Author: bangongshi Published: 2018-02-07 09:30:07

Grade heads, class teachers, and classmates:

开始,假期 活动安排如下,请各年级各班抓好落实 ,请同学们按要求完成各项活动 The start of the winter vacation , the holiday activities are arranged as follows, please grasp the implementation of each grade and class , and ask students to complete various activities as required .

、科学合理安排假期 1 , scientific and reasonable arrangements for holidays . Students should arrange winter vacation time scientifically, sum up carefully, and check for omissions. Every student should carefully plan winter vacation life, arrange work schedules and activities reasonably, and complete winter vacation assignments carefully and independently. Do proper preparatory work to lay a good foundation for learning in the new semester.

、珍爱生命注意安全 2. Cherish life and pay attention to safety . Pay attention to travel safety, fire safety, entertainment safety, food safety, electricity safety, prevention of gas poisoning and drowning. “小手拉大手”方式,抵制 在城区内 燃放烟花爆竹,不违规驾乘各种车辆,不做危险游戏。 If you do not skate on dangerous ice and unfamiliar ice, you can use small hands and big hands to resist setting off fireworks and firecrackers in urban areas . You will not drive various vehicles in violation of regulations and do not play dangerous games.

、开展一项体育运动。 3. Develop a sport. Every classmate should make a holiday exercise plan, and try to mobilize parents to participate in winter running or other forms of physical exercise to cultivate sports interest, develop exercise habits, strengthen personal fitness, and improve health.

、开展 “我们的节日”主题 实践 活动。 4. Develop "our festival" theme practice activities. The Spring Festival is the grandest festival of our Chinese nation and has a rich festival culture. 关注优秀民族传统文化 与新时代气息的融合 开展好 “我们的节日·我的中国年”、“我们的节日·元宵节” 主题 实践活动 We should pay attention to the integration of excellent national traditional culture and the breath of the new era , and carry out the theme practice activities of "Our Festival · My Chinese Year" and "Our Festival·Lantern Festival" . “我为我家写春联”,以弘扬和传播社会主义核心价值观为主旨,自主创作书写春联。 Specific requirements: "I write spring couplets for my family", with the main purpose of promoting and disseminating the core values of socialism, and independently writing and writing spring couplets. 以年级为单位发送至 wcb3205@163.com.照片命名方式:班级+姓名。 Submit a photo of each work in the third and fourth grades, and send it to wcb3205@163.com in the grade unit . Photo naming method: class + name. ② "Chinese Year in the Camera" photography. Focusing on the exhibition of the excellent traditional festival customs and festival activities of the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, the theme of shifting customs and customs, advocating science, civilized festivals, and inheriting culture is a showcase of positive social energy and new folk customs. 以年级为单位 发送至 wcb3205@163.com.照片命名方式:班级+姓名。 A photo of each work is submitted to each class from the first day to the second day, and is sent to wcb3205@163.com.

、读一套好书。 5. Read a good set of books. It is recommended that students read a good book, develop a good habit of reading, expand their knowledge, enrich the spiritual world, cultivate a good aesthetic taste, and make the winter vacation full of strong book fragrance. Ask each student to make a reading plan, read a good set of books, and make reading notes.

童年 》《 做个独立的思考者 》《 城南旧事 ; Recommended bibliography: Day one: " Childhood ", "Being an Independent Thinker " , " Old City South " ;

骆驼祥子 》《 西游记 》《一路投奔奇迹》; Second day: " Camel Xiangzi ", " Journey to the West ", "All the way to a miracle";

神秘岛 《我与地坛》; Third day: "Flying in the wind for thousands of miles", " Mysterious Island ", "I and the Temple of Earth"

Fourth day: "Bright Men", "Fanghua", "Long Reader" .

In the first week of school, each class will send five reading notes to the school league committee for evaluation. Each page indicates the reading date, and the cover of the note indicates the class name.

撰写一篇优质征文 6. Write a high-quality essay . 第七届地科杯 “珍惜资源爱我国土”征文 活动,以 “绿水青山就是金山银山”“美丽祖国在我心中”为主题,畅谈对保护和节约集约循环利用土地、矿产等自然资源以及国家版图意识重要性的认识、情感、做法、建议。 In accordance with the spirit of the superior document, our school will participate in the 7th Provincial Geoscience Cup "Treasure Resources and Love Our Land" essay campaign. The theme is "green mountains and green mountains are the golden mountains and silver mountains" and "the beautiful motherland is in my heart". Recognition, emotions, practices, and suggestions on the importance of intensive recycling of natural resources such as land and minerals, and the importance of national territory awareness. Requires correct perspectives, novel perspectives, and true feelings. , 不少于 600字,严禁抄袭 The title is self-made, the genre is not limited , no less than 600 words, plagiarism is strictly prohibited .

、出一张手抄报(八开)。 7 , a copy of the report (eight open). “中国年·中国梦”为主题。 The theme is "Chinese Year · Chinese Dream". The layout is required to be standard, the content pays attention to the festival culture and folk customs, and the pictures and texts are lush. In the first week of school, five copies of each class will be sent to the school league committee for evaluation .

、献一份爱心。 8. Give a love. "Feel the love, understand the love, cherish the love, return the love", promote the virtues of respecting the elderly, respecting the elderly, supporting the elderly, helping the elderly, do what they can for parents, elders or the community, participate in meaningful social welfare activities Love.

I wish teachers and students happy Chinese New Year, good health and wonderful life!

Gaoqing County Experimental Middle School

8 1月 29 201 January 29 , 8

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