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Do n’t forget your heart, walk with love
Source: Original Author: zhengjiaochu Published: 2019-12-18 09:08:13


2006年7月,刚刚从师范院校毕业的我,兴奋地踏入了教育这方热土,成为了一名小学班主任 数学教师。 With longing for the unlimited career of education and full of enthusiasm, in July 2006, I just graduated from a normal college, and excitedly stepped into the land of education and became a primary school teacher and math teacher. For 13 years, on this colorful, sweet and bitter three-foot podium, he has done ordinary things with ordinary heart, just like the presence of an elegant lily on the side of the road, not to please pedestrians who pass by occasionally, but only for the innocence of childish Smiley. Watching them grow and change, watching them become sensible and mature, is a unique life enjoyment. For them, I have fulfilled my vow on this road-"Be the best teacher and love every child with heart"! My childhood dream has now become a reality. In addition to feeling the joy of that dream coming true, I understand that "teacher" is not only a simple title, but also a heavy responsibility. In the past 12 years, I have practiced the demeanor of a party member and teacher with practical actions, and set my heart to set a model for the most beautiful class teacher!

It is my life's responsibility to irrigate my child's heart with love

In my class, I know the condition of each student. In the sense that I treat every child equally, there are special times.

In the fall of 2007, I took over the new class. A little girl in the class caught my attention. The mother and child died long ago and lived with their father. Dad is an authentic farmer, especially his daughter's care cannot keep up. She was beautiful, with coquettish hair. At that time, I lived in the school dormitory. In order not to hurt the child's self-esteem, I often used the companionship to get the child's opinion to stay with the child, comb her hair, wash clothes, and cook. The little girl often lay beside me and said, "How nice it would be if my mother!" I was a little shy then! We had a great time then!

I just took over the third grade class in 2013. I was attracted by a dirty little boy. After investigation, the child has no mother, my father works outside, and lives with his elderly grandfather. The child's big eyes showed unconfidence, and the classmates were unwilling to be next to him because he smelled bad. Looking at the poor child, how much he needs his mother's love! So I took the child home with the consent of the child's parent. I took my child to the haircut, and the staff at the haircut admired me after knowing the truth! I took him to buy clothes and bought him two new cotton clothes at once; I took a bath and washed the clothes for the child; I made a delicious dinner for the child; I can't forget the child lying to me in bed Say, "Teacher, your bed is so soft, do you know? This is the first time I have slept in a bed like this since I was little, and the first time I wore underwear! Teacher, I will grow up in the future, and I will live in the building. I'll take you to my house! "I listened and cried while holding him! I believe the child's words will be realized!

I have always believed that giving children a love will give them a hope in life! So it is my life's responsibility to irrigate my child's heart with love

Autonomous, cooperative and efficient classroom is my sincere pursuit

I know that the standards of a good teacher must be in class, and children must be loved by their class. I study hard and study hard! I found that a good class should be alive, so that children can move to make children like to learn! So I have been committed to the school curriculum reform research.

,形式活泼多样。 The teaching methods are novel and appropriate , and the forms are lively and diverse. Take the lead in practice in curriculum reform, be brave in reform and innovation, and explore suitable education methods. In the torrent of curriculum reform, I led the teachers of the mathematics group to explore the "three-segment five-ring learning method", and strived to create a new model of "autonomous classroom" to cultivate a new generation of music learners, learners, cooperation, and innovation! Under the guidance of the student-based theory, I led the teachers through repeated experiments and explorations, and proposed the "three-segment five-ring learning method": the three-segment is "self-learning-display-feedback"; —Group cooperation—exhibition and exchange—extended application—feedback and summary. ' Pre-self study, individual study; group cooperation, group study; display communication, class study. Expand applications, learn for all; feedback and summary, learn independently. The extensive promotion of this teaching mode fully reflects the subject status of students and has received good education and teaching effects. Into my classroom, you find that each child is the little master of the classroom, and each child can go to express his own opinions, laughter and arguments echo in every corner of the classroom!

12:30批完试卷后感觉成绩不理想而委屈落泪,我忍不住给当时的教导主任韩玉斌老师打电话诉苦,韩主任的肯定和鼓励使自己重拾信心! I can't forget how to explore step by step in my classroom. The hardships in it are only my own experience. I used to worry that such reform teaching would pull down children's grades. I can't forget a unit when I just stepped on the three-foot podium. The mock test, after 12:30 batch of examination papers late at night , felt that the results were unsatisfactory and wept with tears. I couldn't help but call Mr. Han Yubin, the then director of teaching, to complain. Director Han's affirmation and encouragement regained confidence! After trying and changing again and again, my class has been recognized by everyone, and I realized my original promise-autonomous, cooperative and efficient classroom teaching attracted every child and I to travel in the world of mathematics.

Cultivate sunny self-confidence, honest and trustworthy children is my goal

I have worked as a class teacher and counselor for the Young Pioneer Team for many years. I know that children must learn not only good habits but also life. That's why I always put education first.

I like to lead children out of the classroom, take a look, and learn something that is not in the textbooks. Let children appreciate the beauty and difficulty of life, so that students know what they should do and how to do it!

“做人诚实守信,做事还要大胆自信”,所以走进我的班级,你会发现每个孩子都特别懂礼貌,特自信。 I often educate children to "be honest and trustworthy, but also to be bold and confident in doing things." So when you walk into my class, you will find that every child is particularly polite and confident. I also get used to having each graduate write a letter to myself 10 years later. Open each letter, "Grow up, you must be admitted to a good university, join a job for the motherland" "I should be a sensible college student after ten years!" "After ten years, I must Be a teacher! "" I just want to be a teacher, a qualified teacher, to pass more knowledge to my classmates, so that they have more knowledge. "Each letter shows the children's future Longing for sunshine, that mentality is positive and exciting! From this letter to your future, you can see how far a teacher has influenced children! So I have been working hard to fulfill my promise-to educate people! Cultivating children who are confident, honest and trustworthy is my goal!

Remind myself all the time that I am a party member

I not only ask myself by the standards of an excellent teacher, but also remind myself to be a party member at all times. I warn myself that although living in a peaceful era, party members at this time should obey organizational arrangements and strictly observe party discipline. Set an example and play a leading role as a model for party members!

In 2017, as a young party member, I was invited to participate in the contest as a party member. I was notified that I was still on maternity leave at home, and I could not be sloppy for a moment. I was actively preparing to participate in the competition, because I knew that I represented all the teachers and members of the entire Qingcheng Town to participate in the competition.

Although I was just confinement, and my body was not recovered, I insisted on organizing the speech materials every day. The manuscript was written and changed, and it was easy to change the manuscript. I always told myself that although it was a small speech contest, I could not treat it sloppily! The moment she stood on the podium, she was proud of being a party member, and she won the first prize for her passionate speech!

"Colleagues working together is a kind of fate. Do more good things, and everyone's relationship will definitely be harmonious, and work will be more powerful." This is a word I often hang on my lips. Plain words translate into sincere actions. I can always treat my colleagues and friends with sincerity and friendly relations. No matter who I am, if I encounter any difficulties, as long as I meet or find me, I will do my best to help and comfort. Who is ill, whose class cannot be opened, and who has gone to a meeting temporarily ... No matter who has something to do with him, and who has difficulty finding me, I always smile and say, "Leave it to me." Which classmate When encountering learning difficulties, which parents call for help, I always answer patiently and give careful guidance. Delayed the rest time, facing the parents' gratitude and guilt, I always smiled and said, "What's this, I should do it."

I can always see my busy figure in school, always see my hurried steps, and always hear my hearty laughter. Enthusiastic and helpful, I am hardworking and ambitious, and I am a child-loving child. I have been loved by my colleagues and friends, and have been recognized by students and parents! "Don't forget your original heart, go forward with love", I still have a long way to go to educate myself. I firmly believe that I will sing along the way and keep going!

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