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Source: Original Author: zhengjiaochu Published: 2019-12-18 09:14:40

Li Hui

2018 is the second year of my education career, and this year the school gave me a heavy responsibility: to take over as the new seventh grade head teacher.

“坏习惯”:上课翘着二郎腿、两手交叠在一起转着玩、课桌上混乱的摆放着不少于三种科目的书、课堂上东张西望跟不上老师的进度;课下不完成作业,根据各科老师反映:数学作业不改错,语文作业本和练习册空白处到处充满了中性笔留下的痕迹,就像一个人非常干净的脸上长满了麻子。 Today is the third day of school. It happened that a transfer student came in the class. It was a boy with glasses who looked a bit gentle, but after getting along for a few days, he discovered the "bad habits" on the little boy : During the class, Erlang's legs were crossed, his hands were folded and turned to play, and there were no less than three subjects on the desk. The class couldn't keep up with the teacher's progress during the class; homework was not completed during the class. The teacher reported that the math assignments were not corrected, and the blanks of the Chinese workbooks and exercise books were filled with traces of neutral pens, just like a person's very clean face covered with pockmarks. There is also the most extreme thing. I took a dictation check in geography class that day. I did n’t pass the exams during the Mid-Autumn Festival. I returned this knowledge point after the holidays. After returning to school, all other students turned in. Only this classmate I didn't pay it, so I naturally found this student: "Why didn't you pay it?" "Teacher, I forgot, can I pay it tomorrow morning?" "Okay, you can!" Later it became a "war". Fuse.

The next morning, homework was not handed in, noon and no night. On this day, I arranged a weekly diary. All the students should submit it within the prescribed time. The results are conceivable. The students who did not teach have him again! On the first day, the second day, and the third day, the student has never paid it since then! I felt almost desperate in my heart: what kind of student did I bring with me? What kind of learning attitude is this? You know, there are almost no homework assignments in our school!

The fire was ignited to the peak was a Chinese lesson after the National Day holiday came back and before the parents' meeting after the monthly exam. “你看看你们班学生是什么态度!到处充满了笔水点,这让我怎么上交作业?”我翻开看了看,压下心中的怒火,“你把作业本给我留下吧,家长会我再找家长看看。”要知道上一周我已经找孩子父亲谈过一次了,可是一点改变都没有。 The Chinese teacher came to me with the student's exercise book and assignments: "Look at the attitude of your class students! There are pen marks everywhere, how can I turn in my homework?" I opened it and looked down. The anger in my heart, "You leave me the homework book, I will ask the parents to look at the parent meeting." You know, I have talked to the child's father once last week, but nothing has changed.

It's the child's mother who came to the parent-teacher meeting this time.

After the parent meeting, two people stood hand in hand in front of me, and we can see that the mother and child's relationship is very good. Suddenly my heart moved a little: maybe this is a filial child! “孝”字沾边的都不应是坏孩子。 In my subconscious, anyone with the word "filial piety" should not be a bad boy. But in my heart, his little "filial piety" can't cover up the anger brought to me by the bad habits he has shown this month. Just as before the volcanic eruption, the hot lava was roaring in the crater, soaring into the sky for a moment It's now! "Since I have left you, let me tell you the truth! My assignments for the Mid-Autumn Festival have come back from National Holiday and haven't turned in yet! Not only these ..." A series of "crimes" are overwhelming The mother of the child is fastened like a net! Every child is a treasure for parents. How can a teenager who has been so hard to raise a teenager become a bad child in the eyes of a teacher? People say that their child is not good at hearing a bad word! In a learning society where all the people value learning, who can tolerate it?

A great mother, sad red eyes upon hearing what I said! But be strong in front of your children! “李老师,你看我孩子小学时的作业本,非常整洁。”的确,上面的文字像蚂蚁搬家似的整齐的排列着! The mother took out her child's homework book in elementary school, opened it in front of me and stubbornly said to me, "Mr. Li, look at my child's homework book in elementary school, it is very neat." Indeed, the above text is like ants moving Neatly arranged! Strange, what made a student change since middle school? I glanced at my parents. Just this look, what kind of face did I see? There is patience, there is no quit, there is stubbornness, there is resentment, and even grievances and tears that can no longer be controlled in that eye socket, flying like a kite with a broken line. She is proving to me: Teacher Li, my child is not like this! My heart is soft again! Looking back at the child, this boy, who was as tall as me, took off his glasses with his left hand, and threw a tear with his right hand, and then took his mother's hand again! The mind was clear, and the parents said to me in a guaranteed tone: "Mister Li, you must not give up on him!" The parents still urged me not to give up her child. My heart is as hot as a fire. Such a mother is also a woman, how can I be willing to let her suffer this kind of grievance!

I think I need to act. How can this child be changed? Thinking hard, I thought of the Pygmalion effect in psychology. What you expect, you will get, what you get is not what you want, but what you expect. As long as you have full of confident expectations, as long as you really believe that things will go smoothly, things will go smoothly. On the contrary, if you believe that things are constantly resisted, these resistances will occur, and successful people will develop a confident attitude I believe that good things will happen.

So, I changed my tactics when I was in class again. For the first time, I touched his little head and smiled and said to him: "Lay, come on!" He squinted at me, his body straightened. The second time I accidentally walked to his desk, picked up an assignment book on his desk and said, "It is much cleaner than before, I believe you will be pleasantly surprised by this class!" He crooked his small head and looked at me, this time I noticed that there was a flash of light in his eyes. During the class, he raised his little hand and looked at me with a sly and expectant look. I knew he needed my affirmation and his classmates' affirmation. I led the class to applaud his rare courage. He got up and read the new words. Although the sound was a little low, it was enough to make me happy. At that moment, he smiled so brightly. 就打开我一扇窗。 As the lyrics say: you give me a word and open me a window. You give me a smile and I'm full of strength. 我就找到了方向。 You give me a look and I find my way.

170左右的男孩拿着自己的作业本,打开递给他的班主任老师,这是我昨天写的作业,最终这名学生在2018年期末考试中取得了全校第五的优异成绩。 In the early morning in the future, there will be a picture next to the desk at the back of the classroom: a boy around 170 is holding his homework book and opening it to his class teacher. This is the homework I wrote yesterday. In the end, this student was in 2018. The school achieved the fifth-best grade in the final exam.

“教师”这两个字这么简单,有很多时候,我的言行、做法很可能会改变孩子甚至影响孩子的一生。 Through such a student, I realized that my profession is not just as simple as the word "teacher". In many cases, my words, deeds, and practices may change the child and even affect the child's life. At this moment, I suddenly realized how much responsibility was on my shoulders. Someone once said: In the teacher's hands, I have countless gold seeds, that is hope, and it is the teacher ’s entire wealth. 、以责任为桨, 在实验中学乘风破浪。 Today, I will hold wealth in my hand, not forgetting my original heart, taking love as a boat , and responsibility as a paddle .

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