Age of Triumph – To Return or to Not Return

In less than two weeks, Bungie will release their final game update for Destiny.  On March 28th, gamers can begin taking part in the Age of Triumph, which is as Bungie described, a victory lap to commemorate all your achievements in Destiny for the past three years.  Much like last year’s April Update, the Age of Triumph will be free and changes some of the ways you play the game.  For those of you that still play Destiny, this is a much needed refresh, but one question is how long it will keep you entertained.  On the flip side, is the Age of Triumph enough to bring back players who are burnt out on Destiny?  After all, the content really isn’t new and is more about bringing just about everything from vanilla Destiny up to current standards, which to be perfectly blunt, means you’ll be doing the same things you’ve always done in Destiny.  

If you like the record books that Bungie has used for the Sparrow Racing League, Year 2 Moments of Triumphs, Rise of Iron, and the Dawning, then you’ll have a whopping 13 pages of accomplishments to achieve.  Keep in mind, once you crack open this book, your past accomplishments will count towards the completion of the Age of Triumph book.  Once again, the Prison of Elders will be boosted to keep up with the current light levels, yet the Skolas challenge remains untouched.  There will be new weekly rewards for completing the weekly featured crucible mode, the daily story missions, the weekly heroic strikes and, of course, the Nightfall.  Also returning is the once coveted blue flame that signified that you completed the weekly Nightfall, which also grants a boost in experience and faction gains.   

The most noteworthy update is that every raid will be relevant.  As the maximum light levels increased over the years, one of the disappointing things about Destiny was that old content became irrelevant.  Beyond chasing a flawless raider achievement or perhaps helping a guardian finish one of the old raids for the first time, there has been little reason to revisit the Vault of Glass, Crota’s End and King’s Fall.  All that changes on March 28th.  Along with the old raids seeing a boost, there will be new weekly raid challenges, and new gear and ornaments.  You can resume your chase for elusive exotics like the Vex Mythoclast, which will make a return for year 3 of Destiny.  

For some, this is terrific news and Age of Triumph will give gamers something to enjoy while they await the release of Destiny 2 later in 2017.  For others, this may not be enough to entice them to make a return to Destiny.  In fact, they may have even caught the little caveat to all of this hype that anything really meaningful will not be transferring over to Destiny 2.  None of the new/old weapons or gear will be coming along for the journey.  All those Eververse purchases will not be coming as well.  This has left many wondering what is the point of even continuing to play Destiny if none of their spoils of victory are transferring over to Destiny 2.

More than once I’ve wondered the very same thing.  I’ve sworn off Destiny more than once, yet I find myself playing it every so often.  It’s a game I can enjoy just playing solo or sharing the adventures with friends and even more recently with my son.  Destiny is a quirky game that doesn’t quite fit the typical first person shooter model nor is it a true MMO.  Much of Destiny’s depth is hidden in the grimoire and thus we are left with a repetitive looter.  The best moments of Destiny are the bonds forged while playing the game.  These bonds even go beyond the gamerelationships blossom into heartwarming stories of marriage and even a community driven convention emerges into reality.  

If you can look past the repetitive looter that ultimately will not reward you in game for the long haul, returning or continuing to play Destiny during the Age of Triumph is absolutely worth it.  Steer clear of grinding and stick with what you find the most enjoyable in Destiny, especially if you’re in the burnt out crowd.  If the fun runs out, then most certainly put down Destiny and hopefully we’ll see you in Destiny 2 for all new adventures that await us guardians.

Game On!

– LocutusOfTeddy

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    Mar 17, 2017 @ 9:37 am

    Great article Teddy!
    I have to agree with everything you said. I stopped playing Destiny after TKK and never purchased the last DLC ROI.
    But now, going all the way back, having people playing old raids, POE, etc, gave me nostalgia for the good times I have spent on that game. I agree that some of the things that are doing on the last few months on Destiny 1 is kind of a slap in the face, is still feels like I was part of a 3 year beta.
    destinyBut still, I can’t deny I have some GREAT memories there, so much that I cannot go to Destiny 2 if I don’t have the full experience on Destiny 1. SO I bought ROI and I’m grinding my butt off to level up and do the activities of that DLC and be ready for AOT, and I’m already having a lot of fun solo. I can’t wait to get 6 strangers together and play the raid.
    As for the things not carrying forward to Destiny 2, I don’t mind a fresh start. I’m sure Bungie will come up with something for year 1 guardians to brag about.

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      Mar 18, 2017 @ 19:39 pm

      Could not agree more Arturo! Nostalgia is what its going to be about with this latest update. Great article ted!

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    Nov 3, 2017 @ 17:50 pm

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    Interesting article right on the subject.

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