Clans are Raining Engrams

Destiny 2 has been out for nearly a month and for some of the player base, gamers have tackled the more challenging activities of Destiny 2 to include the Leviathan raid and Trials of the Nine.  One of the more consistent problems with both of these end game activities is finding a group of guardians.  While clans have been a part of Destiny since year one of Destiny, there are players who haven’t joined one for one reason or another.  In Destiny, the benefit of a clan was pretty low.  There was no great need to be affiliated with a clan because you had enough friends to fill out fireteams, lived life in LFG; or sadly never raided.  With Destiny 2, Bungie introduced clan rewards and perks that may sway you to join a clan for your Destiny 2 adventures.

The clan progression feature is an entirely new concept for Destiny clans which allows clan members to gain XP for the clan each week.  As the clan levels up, each level offers new perks which include extra glimmer for decrypting engrams and higher chances of powerful engrams for completing public events and activities with clan members.  After the weekly reset, members can work towards earning more XP to push the clan past each milestone, though the weekly cap is 100,000 XP.  There appear to be seasons in Destiny 2 but Bungie has yet to release info on the seasons.  Needless to say, it may be a while before we hear anything on the seasons as it will take a few months for even the most active clans to reach level 7.

One of the more controversial aspects of the clan rewards are the weekly engrams that are awarded to all clan members.  Each week, your clan can be awarded an engram for completing the Nightfall, crucible matches, the Leviathan raid and Trials of the Nine.  The only stipulation is that a fireteam be comprised of mostly clan members to earn the weekly clan reward.  In other words, play Destiny 2 with your clan members and work together.  After all, that’s why we’re all in clans, right?  

About those raid and Trial engrams, they will decrypt as raid or Trials gear even if you didn’t participate in the raid or Trials that week.  For some, this seems to devalue the hard work and effort put in by players who “earned” the gear while Joe Blow who didn’t play at all ends up getting a piece of raid or Trials gear.  To be honest, if you have that sort of attitude and think that little of your fellow clan members, perhaps you may want to reconsider what it means to be in a clan.  Yes, it’s free loot but in order to even get said free loot, you need to work together as a clan.  I see this as a way to encourage members to play with one another and work towards a common goal.  It also allows members to contribute in ways that fit their play style and preferences.  Some really enjoy PvP so getting the crucible engram or Trials engram is up their alley.  For others, it’s all about the PvE and taking on the challenges of the Nightfall and the raid.  Of course, others may not be able to commit for long periods of time or maybe are not as confident in their abilities so even by just playing, they are contributing XP.  

Beyond the free loot, being a part of a clan in Destiny 2 is a way to build friendships and enjoy gaming with groups of people committed to similar goals.  Some clans are highly competitive focused on the most challenging aspects of Destiny 2.  Others attempt to nurture safe, friendly and cooperative environments to help gamers with any range of skill level.  In other words, there is probably a clan meant for you and hopefully you discover that special group.  Rally your fellow guardians, invite your clan members and go make really big explosionsfor the puppies!


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