May the Force be With Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II beta opened up earlier this week and concludes today.  The beta provided gamers with a pretty good glimpse into what’s to come in November for the sequel to an impressive looking, yet shallow Battlefront.  Let’s get the obvious out the way, this game is once again gorgeous and visually stunning.  The sound is spot on and DICE captures that Star Wars feel once again.

If you played the beta, you most certainly noticed that things were a little different, especially on the battlefield.  Gone are the days of finding power ups, vehicles and heroes scattered throughout the map.  Throughout your match, you earn battle points which can be used to purchase vehicles, powerful characters and heroes.  So if you were like me and looking for those power-ups on the map, don’t bother but do keep an eye on your battle points.  

Star Wars Battlefront was more of a casual first person shooter experience and this change to battle points to gain advantages does lean more towards the competitive spirit of FPS games.  Some feel that the better players will dominate even more because they’ll be able to earn more points, which is a concern.  However, as an average player, I was still able to earn enough points throughout matches to be able to run around as that roguishly handsome scoundrel Han Solo and fly special vehicles.  I certainly didn’t do Han justice while playing him, but that’s a totally different story.  So I’m not at all concerned that the more experienced and talented players will dominate the reinforcements.  You gain points from a variety of things including kills, playing the objective, and sticking with your squad.  In other words, you don’t have to rack up the kills but at least play the objective.

For more on the Battle Point system, you can check out this video for Star Wars HQ:

We also got a look at the four different classes in Star Wars Battlefront II.  Much like DICE’s Battlefield games, you have four basic character types to choose from: Assault, Heavy, Officer, and Specialist.  Each have their own unique abilities which can be combined or altered with Star Cards.  There is also a progression system for each class which is a pretty standard feature for Battlefield games and adds some depth to this version of Battlefront.  During the beta, the progression and drop rate of Star Cards was increased to allow players to maximize the experience so expect a slower rate of drops when the game launches in November.   There are also different levels of Star Cards so some give higher bonuses than others, to include more damage or higher rate of fire, so be mindful of which cards you earn.  You can earn Star Cards through loot crates which you earn throughout the game progression system and for completing objectives.  Though you can also pay real money to buy loot crates which does give the appearance of a pay to win aspect.  This may be an issue early on in the game as some players choose to buy a ton of loot crates in order for a chance to get the more powerful Star Cards to give them a bit of an edge early on.

For more on the new classes in Battlefront II, check out the video for Star Wars HQ:

The one aspect of Battlefront II missing from the beta was the campaign, or at least a little taste.  However, I can understand why it was left out.  We were only teased with a trailer for the campaign which by the way is a huge addition and sorely missed in DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront a few years ago.  I don’t expect a very long campaign, but I have a feeling it will be an amazing Star Wars experience for those interested in diving into the untold story of Commander Iden Versio and her Inferno Squad which takes place after the events of Return of the Jedi.  DICE did an incredible job with the war stories in Battlefield 1 and I have complete confidence in them to deliver on the single player campaign.  

Enjoy the trailer for the single player story:

While there is certainly more to cover in Star Wars Battlefront II, it appears this sequel will far exceed its predecessor both in scope and depth.  The campaign alone was a huge addition, but this game will span decades of the Star War Universe and not solely focus on the era of Episodes IV-VI.   The variances that the Star Cards will bring to the table will alter the different classes and give players a bit more variety, which was lacking in the first version.  If you played the beta, let us know your thoughts.  

May the force be with you!


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