New Year More Battlefield

Battlefield 1 has had a tremendous first couple of months since its launch in October 2016.  A new year is upon us, and some of you may be yearning for more.  Perhaps you’ve played out the base game and are looking for something different in your Battlefield experience.  Look no further than the official Custom Games that DICE releases.  These don’t require you to rent a server or even set the game type.  The official Custom Games are set by DICE themselves and are usually a variation of the base game.  One of the latest was Armored Kill, a scout free, vehicle friendly version of Conquest.  On January 18th, Bleed Out will go live.  If you’re a fan of the Rush mode, you may like this one as regenerative health is turned off and downed enemy soldiers respawn faster, meaning less time to revive.

If you’re looking to boost your Assault class rank, check out the Assault class only Custom Game called Eye to Eye.  No regenerative health, no revives but a whole lot of shotguns.  On second thought, if you rage against shotguns, this may not be the mode for you.  

In March, They Shall Not Pass, the first major DLC release will go live.  Welcome the French Army to the battlefield along with new maps and new weapons.  There hasn’t been much released about the DLC but DICE has provided some brilliant concept art for This Shall Not Pass.  For any history buffs, the DLC looks to be centered around the Battle of Verdun which was the longest, perhaps most brutal campaign during World War I.  If you are a fan of maps like Operation Metro or Foot Locker, there very well could be a close quarters, almost completely indoor map around Fort Vaux.  There were tough, gruesome battles in the maze of dark underground corridors in Fort Vaux and if the concept art is any indication, you’re in for a treat.


It’s unclear if these maps will be included in Operations but I imagine there will be some sort of expansion in Operations.  To add such beautiful maps and expand the scope of these epic, yet horrific battles to only a select few game modes would be a huge letdown.  If you are a Premium Pass member, you’ll get to jump into the new maps two weeks early, along with access to the new weapons.  So if you’re planning to purchase the DLC (and future DLC), shelling out for the premium pass is the way to go.  

See you on the battlefield!

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