SGN Update: Volume 6, Issue 1

Greetings SGN!

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Au contraire mon Capitan!  I’m back!  While I was never in trouble at SGN nor banished, I have been forgiven and I’m immortal again!  I’m omnipotent again!  If you missed the meeting, don’t fret, my good fortune is your good fortune.  I shall use my powers to shed some light on what happened.

You may have noticed that SGN has promoted quite a few members to staff positions over the last few weeks.  Many of the Game Managers are new to their positions and learning as they go, so please be patient.  However, good, constructive, and respectful communication is essential, so do not be afraid to speak up and bring issues to the forefront.  We all have different schedules, so while they may not be on when you’re on, there are events scheduled that you can participate in which is a great way to get to know the other members, as well.  Staying active in Discord can go a long way, too, so hang in there!

In the market for a gaming chair?  Well, you’re in luck as SGN is finishing up the details on the latest sponsor with EwinRacing, which just so happens to sell high quality gaming chairs.  You’ll also get a 15% discount with the future SGN code.  Stay tuned as more details will be released. [Post-meeting note: the sponsorship is finalized, details are on the site, which you can find here:

Thank you to all of the Halloween costume contestants and to all of you that voted!  Every vote mattered.  Despite all the great costumes, there can only be one winner and that honor rests with Jedi jazzy!  She is the winner of SGN’s Halloween costume contest for her awesome Ezio costume.  Congratulations!!!

On a more serious note…I know, total buzzkill.  Prepare yourselves for a dull, plodding, pedantic speech.  There are quite a few new active members (and hopefully more new members in the near future) and we all love the activity and conversations on Discord but if you’re asked to stop, by any member not just staff, please be respectful and stop.  Don’t argue.  Bring up the issue with a moderator, Katie or Ryan.  Arguing only prolongs the uncomfortable conversation and can quickly become divisive, spiraling out of control.  No one is perfect, SGN isn’t perfect, but we try to make this a fun environment and an open community.  For some, this community is an escape or an outlet from all the real life drama, so steering the conversations away from divisive topics and refraining from derogatory language will help keep SGN as a fun community.

For those of you on the Xbox, you’ll be hearing a lot from the Xbox Division Manager, Alex aka Trusty Pipboy.  One of the cool new features on the Xbox is the introduction of Xbox Clubs.  It’s an activity hub that allows communities like SGN (or clans) to create a club, associate a variety of games with the community, chat and even create LFG posts within the club.  It’s a nifty new way to find that extra person within the group for a match and could be a good recruiting tool as well.  The LFG function isn’t just restricted to the club, you can create an LFG post for any game you’re playing within the game hub.

Speaking of LFG and finding people to game with, check out the event calendar!  Spacecowboy and Elf are working their fabulous butts off and have quite a few events planned.  Participation is not limited to SGN members so encourage friends and family members to join in.  This week alone there is a Gears Horde night, Battlefield 1 night, 7 Days to Die, a Destiny Raid party and a Destiny 2v2 Tournament which yes, is also for us Xbox players!  You can tweet the info out, as well.  Also be sure to sign up for the events in a timely manner which will help Space and Elf coordinate and ensure the event runs smoothly.  If you have ideas for events or want to see more variety or just even more of your favorite game, relay your ideas to the Event Managers.  They do a lot of work behind the scenes and your feedback and ideas will help them out tremendously.

Jen? Jen?  Where’s Jen?  Well this little guy was no help…

Okay, she found her mic.  The latest Overwatch night was a huge success on the PS4.  There was a big turnout and a few of Jazzy’s friends joined in the fun.  Folks were popping in and out throughout the night and the custom matches during the night were awesome!

Some of you may or may not know one of our long time members SGN TicTac.  He’s one of our new staff members for RainbowSix Siege.  He also plays a crap ton of Smite.  In any case, you’ll be seeing more of him around as life settles.  Feel free to hit him up with DMs especially if you have questions or want to jump into Siege or Smite.  He also brought up a good message, which is be an agent of good.  For many, gaming is a time to have fun and escape troubles but there are some who are negative, mean spirited, bully others and suck the fun right out of gaming.  If you’re in chat and observe someone being bullied, stand up for them, be a big brother or sister and help keep the gaming community as a whole a positive place.

Speaking of being positive, Ryan mentioned how much The Num Wolf appreciated him joining in on his stream.  At the time, the guy didn’t have a lot of viewers but happily chatted with Ryan.  Then with a little encouragement from Ryan, many of you popped into Wolf’s stream.  You all brightened this guy’s day.  It doesn’t matter if the guy ends up joining SGN or not, just that you were a positive influence.

One final note was about the SGN meetup.  It’s technically still on for February in Ohio.  However, it may be pushed out to March or April due to the weather.  It’s not so much the cold that can be a problem but it’s Ohio and this happens in February…

Don’t know about you all, but I’m too old for that but keeping an open mind.  Stay tuned for more details.

I leave you all with this little Depeche Mode cover/remix by KI Theory from the Ghost in the Shell movie.


Game on SGN!


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