SGN Update: Volume 6, Issue 2

Greetings SGN!

Another two weeks has passed and the holiday season is in full swing now.  Hopefully everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend.  For those that don’t celebrate the American Thanksgiving, hope you had a terrific weekend.  Over the weekend, several members took advantage of the awesome deals and bought another console or a PC, which will allow them to play with the majority of our members.

Despite all the happy feels over new consoles, there is a bit of sad news as a consequence to the steep discounts.  Our beloved Ryan, aka Overfiist, purchased an Xbox One, but to help defer the costs, sold his PS4.  I know, it is tragic news but guess what, we got punked.  He didn’t sell his PS4 but he did get an Xbox.  The tears and soul crushing were real for about five seconds until he fessed up.  Personally, I was having flashbacks to when Ryan made the announcement that he sold his Xbox and bought a PS4.  It was a crushing moment in SGN history, but we survived.  Ryan, I love you…and hate you…So much for the “I’m back”, because I quit!  I can’t work under these conditions.  Hasta la vista baby!

Why are you still reading?  It’s over; nothing to see here.

Really, just go.  Close your browser.

You’re all a persistent bunch.  I hear that those of you on the PS4 are a fun bunch, as well.  The Destiny PvP night had about five or six members tearing up the competition in the Crucible and having a blast playing with each other.  The Battlefield night went great, as well.  7 Days to Die and Titanfall 2 have also been on the PS4 playlist amongst members.  Be on the lookout for another Overwatch night on the PS4.  For more on the PS4 division, you can catch up on the latest here:

Action on the Xbox side is heating up.  The Black Friday sales have helped generate interest in new games.  The latest Battlefield 1 night had a solid turnout.  The Destiny 2v2 tournament was a big success.  We had participation from not only SGN, but also another community, Big Vision Gaming (BVG).  While no one from SGN won the tournament, we all had a ton of fun.  Give a round of applause to Nick and Adam from BVG as they won the 2v2 tournament.  Cheers!

Wednesday night is turning into Horde nights as we’re seeing the good folks on the Xbox doing a great job of trying to keep a consistent Gears of War 4 Horde night.  Join in on the action as I’m sure there is room for multiple teams as the Gears player base in SGN grows.

Rainbow Six Siege has had a lot of people join.  I suspect another beneficiary of the holiday sales.  Though it could also be due to TicTac’s passion for this game.  It’s a different kind of FPS game that requires teamwork and strategy, but also maintains the fun.

The Overwatch free to play weekend did get a few more members interested in Overwatch on the Xbox side.  The last game night featured some custom matches with 6v6 and 5v5 which makes for a good showing.  There was a new character introduced and some updates are on the way, as well as Season 3 of competitive play.

For more on the Xbox Division, get with Trusty Pipboy.

If you’re new or added a new console/PC, be sure to reach out to our three Division Managers, Trusty Pipboy (Xbox), Jen-Ninja0131 (PS4) and Bandora (PC).  They can help you out and get you in touch with the Game Managers and other members who play similar games.  Even in a friendly environment such as SGN, it can still be awkward and rough to jump into games with members you barely know.  Besides trying to be active in Discord, talk to the Division Managers, they are here to help you as well as the rest of the SGN staff.  If you’re interested in being a staff member, you can find the application here:

If you’re looking for a specific game night and don’t see it on the calendar, get with SpaceCowboy and Elohelf.  They are the Event Managers and will be able to set something up for you.  Game nights are a great way to meet members as well as bring us out of our gaming shells and play games we haven’t played in a while.

Speaking of events, there is a 1v1 Destiny tournament in December for both consoles.  Be sure to sign up and get ready to duel with your fellow SGN members to see who the Crucible Lords are in SGN.  There will be prizes for the top three on each console.  Yes, there is a prize for the lowest score and I’m not going to say what it is.  Just know that I’m throwing my match so I can win it 😉

Are you a live streamer or enjoy making YouTube videos?  Ryan will be setting up a meeting for all of you to come together and share your experiences.  This will be an effort to help each other out, talk about what has worked; what hasn’t worked and other aspects that go into making a successful stream/YouTube channel.  Details will be released soon.

In the same vein, we’re considering reviving the SGN podcast.  More details to follow.

Lastly, lets show some love for our sponsors!  You all are under no obligation to purchase anything.  But, if you’re on Twitter, the best way to help is to like and retweet the tweets of our members mentioning our sponsors.  This gives our sponsors more exposure and shows that not only does the SGN community enjoy their products, but the gaming community in general.

I leave you all with this video that Katie Biscuits shared the other day…lots of bright colors and exploding things 😉

Game on SGN!


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