SGN Update: Volume 6, Issue 3

Greetings SGN!

Welcome back and hope your 2017 is off to a smashing start.  Last week the SGN staff had a good meeting and have new goals to make this community better.  In the coming months, I’m sure you’ll all start to see them come to fruition.  Exciting times are head of SGN.

Ryan is still looking for Overwatch clips for his Overwatch montage.   If you have a few or can record some in the near future, please send them to him.  Here is what he’s done so far: 

 Speaking of videos, there have been a few posted up that show all the good fun we’re having in game.  If you have a chance, check them out.

Dragoon64 –

Jibbston –

Xbox update – The Battlefield 1 mixer with DadsGaming went well.  There was a pretty good turn out. TrustyPipboy stepped in early to start the party and our BF1 manager, Jibbston, was able to attend and did a tremendous job.  Overall there were a lot of positive reactions from everyone that attended.  The next upcoming event on the Xbox is an Overwatch night on January 19th.  Details are here and be sure to check the event calendar!  It’s also worth noting that the SGN Xbox Club surpassed 100 members.  Be sure to invite them to Discord or put a reminder in the club chat to head over to Discord. And don’t forget to post clips to the club activity feed.

PS4 update – The Battlefield 1 mixer with DadsGaming went well.  Like the Xbox, lots of positive feedback.  The next upcoming event on the PS4 is also an Overwatch night on January 19th.  Details are here and be sure to check the event calendar!  There may be another Star Wars Battlefront night in the future since several missed out last time.  Are you still playing Destiny and interested in raiding?  You may be in luck as a Destiny raid night is forming.  Details will be released soon.

At the request of the Event Managers, Game Managers need to get with your Event Managers.  They are looking to set up more game nights.  The movie night went well and hopefully there will be more to come.  Even if you’re not staff, you can still submit ideas for events to SpaceCowboy and ElohElf.  They are always open for suggestions and anything you can think of, even those outside the box ideas, would be appreciated.  Despite ElohElf’s internet struggles, you can still message him.  

Normally I end the SGN Update with a music video.  However, I’m changing things up.  For those of you on Discord, you’ve undoubtedly stumbled into the video-sharing channel.  Usually it’s populated with messages of who has started streaming and occasionally there are some videos created by our members.  If you’d like your video showcased in future SGN Updates, post them in the video-sharing channel and tag me (@LocutusOfTeddy) so I know your video is there.  For the time being, I’ll just be selecting them at random but if the community would like to vote, perhaps we can conduct a vote during the community meeting.  In any case, for this update, I’ve selected dead707shot’s latest video

Game on SGN!


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