SGN Update: Volume 6, Issue 4

Greetings SGN!

It’s been a good couple weeks with quite a few events spread out during that time.  Hopefully you all have been able to take part and have fun playing with your fellow members.  If not, there are more opportunities to come!

If you’re on Twitter, YouTube and Twitch, please try to remember about promoting our sponsors and the appropriate discount codes.  If you’re unsure or have questions, talk to Ryan, Katie and Cammie.  For those of you producing content on YouTube, try to show support by commenting and subbing to other SGN member channels.  Even if you’re not a content creator, we encourage you to interact and subscribe to member channels.  As for streamers, we haven’t forgotten you!  We will be having more steamer support days where the community will jump into your channel.  This Friday, Polar_Bear79 is doing a charity stream in celebration of 500 followers!  I encourage you to check it out!   

Ryan is finished with the Overwatch montage and if you haven’t seen it, well, here it is: 

If you’d like to create a SGN montage for any game, let us know.  The more of these, the better and we will do what we can to help support you.  

PS4 Update – Last week’s Overwatch night coincided with the new Overwatch event Year of the Rooster.  Our Overwatch players weren’t the only ones having fun as the PS4 folks jumped into Smite and Battlefield 1.  Destiny received some love with Will and Kyle hosting raid nights.  Don’t worry, if you missed out last time, it does sound like Will and Kyle will be hosting these weekly.  In March, there are reports of a new Destiny event centered on strikes.  More details to follow.  Also, you can catch up on the PS4 by checking out your PS4 Division Manager, Jen Ninja’s update:  It’s a great read so check it out!  

Xbox Update –  Battlefield 1 night went extremely well as did the Smite night.  Thank you all for coming out and participating, especially with Smite.  It doesn’t get a whole lot of love, but was great to see everyone give it a try!  Our Xbox Division Manager, TrustyPipboy is working on a new, exciting concept to engage not just SGN members, but also with other gaming communities.  The working title is “PubSmash” and the concept so far is a competition across SGN to see how many wins a week you get in a game or some variation of that.  This will also be a time where we stay in game chats vs. party chat so that we can communicate with those outside SGN.  This is all in the early stages but I’m sure, with input from you all, this concept will become reality.  

Upcoming events;  February 3rd is Bring a Friend Battlefield 1 Night.

February 6th is The Division night.  Yours truly will be hosting for the Xbox.  Join us for some fun and shenanigans.  The new DLC is not a requirement.  Depending on the number of participants, we’ll break off into groups.

February 10th is another edition of SGN movie night.  Be sure to sign up and make your suggestions heard!  

The weekly Destiny raid nights on the PS4 will continue so be sure to hook up with Will and Kyle!  

Just a friendly reminder that if you have any ideas for an event, message ElOhElf and Space.  If you want to see a game you play get a little more love, speak up.  Again, it was awesome to see Smite night take off and hosted by our passionate Smite players.  Also, for those of you on the Xbox, be sure to check out the Xbox club.  We’ll try to continue mentioning upcoming events in an effort to engage with the 100 plus members.  

This edition’s member spotlight video features Polar_bear79 as she morphs into Phantom Bear during Trials of Osiris

Game on SGN!


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