SGN Update: Volume 6, Issue 5

Greetings SGN!

This edition isn’t so much about what’s going on in SGN, but more about how can we help you.  Now I want you to listen very closely.  Are you listening?  It’s very personal, very important thing; here it is:

 Though first, I’d like to give a big shoutout to Will and Kyle who have been bringing it for the past few weeks with their Saturday Destiny Raids.  If you’re on the PS4 and looking to have an awesome time, you need to join Will and Kyle on Saturdays.  Even if you’re not all that into Destiny but have some free time on a Saturday afternoon, drop in their Twitch channel, hang out, chat and enjoy the ride.  

Now, back to all you good folks.  Help me help you.  Help me, help you…

Coming soon to the SGN Discord is a members suggestion text channel.  During one of the Question of the Days, there were some amazing suggestions by you all.  We’d like to capture more of your thoughts, have discussions and build off of your recommendations on making SGN even better.   One of the really good suggestions was a call for member mentors to help new members who have joined, but don’t necessarily know where to start and who to play with in certain games.

If you’re creating content for your YouTube and also want to share your videos on the SGN YouTube channel, let us know.  If you’re doing a big charity stream, let us know so we can help.   The SGN Podcast is in the brainstorming phase and being led by Moose, Jib and Jen.  If you have ideas or can offer assistance, message them.

For those of you spreading the word about SGN, please invite them to the Discord channel.  The website is nice but we can’t communicate there nor do we know if they’ve signed up on the website.  Discord is the place to be to interact with the community.  Here’s the open Discord invitation:  We’d love to see some new faces; not that we’re tired of seeing yours but we’d still like to see more.

SGN is getting competitive but perhaps not what you are thinking at the moment.  We’ll soon be getting competitive with each other.  The details are still pending but there will be leaderboards, prizes and you’ll get the chance to see who can be king of the hill in SGN over a variety of games.

If you’d like to see more events, let your event managers, game managers and Division leads know.  Jen in particular would like to get more game events outside of Overwatch and Battlefield 1, so if you’re into Ark, Battlefront, 7 Days to Die or others, message Jen.  

Movie night last Friday went well and hopefully we’ll see more of those.  This week we have Overwatch night on the Xbox (Feb 15) and the PS4 (Feb 18).  There will also be an ESO event on Sunday, February 19th with Tactical Resistance.  They are a  huge gaming community and we’ll be joining them for a community mixer.  

Before I go, I just want you all to know…


Here’s a tissue, wipe away those tears cause there is no crying in Siege!  I present to you this week’s member highlight by Berez-21

Game on SGN!


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