SGN Update: Volume 6, Issue 6

Greetings SGN!

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks and the staff had a very productive meeting last week prior to Sunday’s community meeting.  We’ve already implemented a few of your suggestions.  Early last week, the game channels were rolled out and by all accounts, they have been well received.  One game so far has a dedicated voice channel, as well, due to the high volume of incoming members for Elder Scrolls Online.  Big shout out to Space for all the recruiting he has been doing.

Welcome to all the new members of SGN!  We hope you enjoy our little community here.  To help you along the way, we have two new staff members at SGN that are here to help you integrate into the community.  It can be an overwhelming experience and also difficult to figure out what to do after you’ve joined.  As part of taking your suggestions, we’ve created the positions of SGN Mentors.  We’re not necessarily accepting applications for these positions as it will be apparent through a members activity on Discord and helpfulness whether or not they are fit for this position.  However, you can take a look at the requirements of the SGN Mentors here:

Now a big congratulations to Johnny and NunHugger for taking on the newest staff positions as the SGN Mentors.  If you have any questions, they are here to help, as are all staff members, as well.   Both are perfect for their new role and we’re excited to bring them into the fold.  

For all the new members (and old members), don’t forget to check out our sponsors: BattleBeaverCustoms, Ewin Racing, and Apocalyptee.  Follow them on Twitter, mention them and spread the word.  Discounts range from 10% to 15% when you use the SGN code.  You can find links and codes on the bottom of our website homepage. Personally, I love the tshirts from Apocalyptee and the Ewin Racing (gaming) chair is fantastic.  Sadly, I’ve been too lazy to order a custom controller, but cannot wait to do so.   

The rainbow of staff and member colors isn’t over.  This next announcement is sponsored by Skittles, taste the rainbow.

Space has not only been busy recruiting and building a strong base for ESO on the PC, he has also been promoted to PC Division Manager.  He was one of the event managers but is now taking a new role.  Looking forward to the growth on the PC side of SGN.  

Davolicious, The Dave, has been promoted to Ark Game Manager.  We’ve seen a spike in interest and activity with Ark on the Xbox and PS4 and Dave is the perfect person to wrangle all of you Ark survivalists.  

Sadly, Dan has stepped down as a PS4 Destiny Game Manager.  However, Dollar is still the game manager for Destiny on the PS4, so you’re in good hands.

Do you want to be a different Skittle?  We’re in need of more writers to put up content on the website.  If you’re interested in writing and contributing to SGN, send a message to Ryan (Overfiist) and/or Katie Biscuits.  Speaking of the website, don’t forget to check out for not just articles but also for events.  There are a few events coming up and can be found on the Event Calendar.  If you have any ideas, want to see a specific event, or really enjoyed a past event that you want to see more of, send a message to ElOhElf or Space.  

Last week’s PS4 Overwatch night went well and Bori dominated as usual.  There was an impromptu Battlefield 1 night last week which was a lot of fun, as well, and included some new members.  JenNinja, our PS4 Division Manager, has set up several events in the month of March, starting this Saturday, March 4th with The Division.  Some of the other game nights include Titanfall 2 and Star Wars Battlefront.  Dollar will be hosting a Strike Race for Destiny players on March 26th.  Again, be sure to check out the calendar for the events and details.  While these are scheduled for the PS4, those on the Xbox can also rally together to play on those days, as well.  Recommend nudging our Xbox Division Manager, Trusty Pipboy or our Community Manager, KatieBiscuits.  

Recently For Honor released and has caught the attention of some of our members.  TrustyPipboy  highly recommends this game and Twinscrimsondra has it on both consoles.  We may add this as a featured game but before we add a game manager, the player base for it in SGN will need to increase.  In other words, get out there and invite friends that you feel would be a good fit for the community and recruit.  Also recommend talking with current game managers and reading what is expected of you as a game manager before you apply.  

Before we part ways, I present to you a video by one of our members, Jibbston.  It’s not Skittles but enjoy the Biscuit Banter.

Game on!


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