SGN Update: Volume 6, Issue 7

Greetings SGN,

Welcome to community meeting number alot 😉  This is Volume 6, Issue 7 so that’s at least 7 community meetings under the new website but there were many more before the switch.  What we’re trying to say is that we’ve been at this for a while but want to keep you informed, hear your ideas and are still looking for ways to improve.  

We are currently looking at a new update for the website.  While Discord is the place to be as far as interacting with everyone in the community, we want the website to be more content focused.  The current set up isn’t very conducive for written articles, interviews and videos.  Naturally, we are looking for new writers to create the content.  You can write about your favorite games, gaming trends, gaming reviews, member interviews, gaming culture, and more.  So if you are interested, reach out to Overfiist (Ryan), KatieBiscuits (Katie) or SxKxGunslinger (Cammie).  We are also looking to add forums again for the Game Managers to provide updates on their games and allow members to chat about it.  If you have suggestions on the website or have a working knowledge of WordPress, let us know.  

The SGN Podcast is being worked on and expect to see content released soon.  If you have any ideas or topics in mind that you’d like to see, let Moose and Jibbston know.

Keeping up with the SGN YouTube channel has been slow.  The last update was about ten months ago.  However, we’re interested in changing that, and while the SGN Podcast will go a long way, we’d love to share your videos on the SGN channel as well.  If you’re interested, let Ryan, Katie or Cammie know.  You can check out the SGN YouTube page here  As for streamers, let us know how we can help support you better.  We want to see you succeed.  

Johnny is working on another SGN movie night.  If you haven’t had the chance to participate or are curious about it, come join him and your fellow SGN members on March 21st.  He uses Rabbit to host so unfortunately space is limited to 20 members.  There is a poll where you can chime in on the type of movie you want to see or even recommend a specific movie.  Keep in mind that the movie has to be on a legit streaming site such as Netflix and Amazon.  You can get more details here about the movie night but also feel free to ask  Hopefully we’ll see you at the next movie night, unless you’re suggesting Teletubbies, then you’re out…NunHugger…just kidding…sort of…not really…maybe a little…I defer to the group’s judgment.   

We realize many of you have interests outside of gaming and quite often the community meeting start time conflicts with things like The Walking Dead or wrestling.  For now, we are sticking with the 8pm CST start but would still like to hear your thoughts.  If you’re feeling brave on Sunday mornings, Ryan will be hosting coffee time at 7am CST.  He loves early morning text messages too.  

As SGN grows and as new games release, we’ll be seeking more Game Managers especially on the PC side.  If you are interested in a game manager position, talk with Space (PC), TrustyPipboy (Xbox) and JenNinja (PS4) first and also read about the position and what will be expected of you.  Keep in mind, the game you choose doesn’t have to be one of our main games or super popular, but that does mean you’ll need to recruit more and keep activity going.  Of course you won’t be alone in your endeavor as other staff members can help you out, as well.  If and when you do apply, please let Ryan and Katie know because there is no notification that an application was submitted.  If you don’t, it could delay your consideration since your application will just be sitting there unread.

On the Xbox side, Ghost Recon Wildlands has arrived and many of our active members are playing it quite a bit.  Battlefield 1 will be seeing new DLC drop in a week and Jibbston will be hosting a BF1 night in the near future.  For Honor still sees quite a bit of action and Alex, Katie and Surge are looking for more to play.  For those that are interested in a game similar to Overwatch, Paladins beta is out and definitely worth a try.   

On the PS4 side, The Division night and Star Wars Battlefront night didn’t have a huge turn out, but everyone still had lots of fun which is the most important thing.  There will be more game nights on the horizon that include the not so regularly played games.  Some of the newer games, such as For Honor and Ghost Recon may be having a game night soon as well.  If you have any ideas or want to see a specific game, talk to ElOhElf (Jake) or JenNinja (Jen).

As for the growing PC side, one of the main discussion points is to decide on a game to focus on.  Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is an obvious choice, especially considering many of our new members came here because of ESO.  Other games we’re considering are Path of Exile (free to play and like Diablo), 7 Days to Die (16 to a server), Borderlands 2, Paladins (in beta and free to play) and Fistful of Frags.  Of course, we are open to suggestions and certainly want to hear your thoughts.  As for upcoming events, ESO game night is coming soon.  Let us, especially Space, know what you’d like to concentrate on during the ESO night, whether it’s a treasure hunting night, PvE focused or even PvP.

Unless you go down the list of channels on our Discord server, you may not know that SGN  has an ongoing Dungeons and Dragons campaign and there is an opening.  If you want to try (newbies welcome), contact Space who is the DM.  Please give him a few days notice so he can set up your character.  If you’re curious about DnD, this is a great way to see what all the fun is about.  The group usually plays on Sundays, 4pm EST.  

If you’re one of our Ark fanatics or just simply one who enjoys Ark, your Game Manager, Davolicous, is considering a weekly night for caving and boss fights on the Xbox and PC.  If you’re interested and want to see this become reality, let him know.  For those on the PS4, you can contact him as well and he will help out as much as he can.

For those of you still playing Destiny, on March 26th your Game Manager, Dollar Bill, will be hosting a Strike Race.  You and your fireteam will be given an hour to complete as many strikes as you can.  This is solely for bragging rights and only one member of your team needs to sign up.  This will be for both consoles.  You can get more details here, but if you have any questions, please let Dollar or Jake know.

Continuing on with Destiny, there will be one last update by the Bungie live team called the Age of Triumph.  Last week Bungie unveiled this victory lap event that will round out Destiny 1 as we await the release of Destiny 2 later this year.  Bungie has two more streams planned on March 15th and 22nd to provide more details on the Age of Triumph.  While we don’t have a Destiny game manager on the Xbox, I’m looking to put together some raiding parties on Saturday nights around 8 or 9pm EST.  One of the big updates is that the old raids will be getting a few tweaks and a boost, so I for one am looking forward to going into the Vault of Glass and getting new gear and perhaps getting some upgraded weapons I never got like a new Fatebringer or Vex Mythoclast.  

To check out the latest SGN events, be sure to visit the website or use this link  If you have an idea for an event, be sure to contact Jake.  One suggestion that was brought up was a quiz/trivia night, which at the meeting seemed to receive positive feedback, so be on the look out for that event.

For you college basketball fans or those of you that love March Madness, the NCAA tournament starts Thursday and thanks to Jen, SGN has a bracket challenge.  Groups close Thursday so join up at and search for the group name “SGN Brackets”.  Let Jen know if you have any questions and she can also provide the group password.  

Before we depart, I present to you He Says She Says Gaming starring Aries and Sammyjo, who is sporting the awesome red SGN hoodie.  Of course, now I want Horizon Zero Dawn!

Game on SGN!


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    Mar 18, 2017 @ 21:31 pm

    Awesome update as always Ted! And Sammy loving the hoodie 🙂

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