SGN Update: Volume 6, Issue 8

Greetings SGN!

So my friend here, Cayde-6, has a little story for you.  We go way back, so be sure to give him your undivided attention.  Besides, it’s a great story.

and I was so late with this update, this beauty was released today

The big news from the last community meeting was that the SGN Podcast has been released for your viewing pleasure!  If you have any thoughts or suggestions, contact Moose or Jibbston.  They did a tremendous job putting it together and had some wonderful help from other SGN members, as well.  I’m sure we’re all looking forward to the next podcast.  In the meantime, you can watch the latest here:

There have been a few staff changes, as well.  We’d like to welcome FooMaster to the SGN staff team as he’ll be the Game Manager for ESO on the PC.  He’s your go to person for ESO and you’ll just have to keep on reading to find out what he has in store for you in April.  

FemalexAssassin is now also the Game Manager for Wildlands on the Xbox.  She’s already a long time staff member, primarily for Call of Duty on the Xbox, but she’s expanding into Ghost Recon.

While Jibbston isn’t leaving SGN, he’s sadly stepped down as Game Manager for BF1 on Xbox. Thankfully he will still be working on the podcast.   

For all of you creative folks out there that enjoy making videos, if you’d like them to also be featured on the SGN YouTube channel let Ryan, Katie, Cammie or Jibbston know.  We’d love to share your videos, but please ensure your videos are edited.  Unfortunately, we cannot edit them for you.  

For those of you on our Discord server, be sure to drop into the #bot channel and add yourself to the bot list for the various games and systems.  Once you’re in the #bot channel, you can type without the quotations “.giveme (game and system)” If you want to see the list available, type “.giveme list” and you’ll see all the available games and systems.  All members will be able to send mass notifications in the chat channels but please do not abuse these mass notifications.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, you can send a message to Micro and he can add it to the bot list, if it’s appropriate.

Life on the PC side of SGN is heating up.  For those of you on ESO – Jesters Festival is going on and you can read about it here  Get your grind on with daily missions, quests and take advantage of the double XP.  On April 8th 9:30pm EST, FooMaster is hosting an ESO event which will primarily focus on PvE and possibly clearing some dungeons.  Details will be available soon.  

Battlefield 1 on the PC is starting to grow and there have been some new members joining.  Please be patient and continue to stay active on Discord.  Not too long ago ESO was almost nonexistent aside from a few members that played occasionally.  Right now ESO is growing pretty quickly, so there is hope for all you BF1 players on the PC.

While ESO and BF1 continue to grow, Space, our PC Division Manager would like to know what other games you’d like him to focus on and help grow.  One idea so far is WarThunder which not only is free but cross platforms with the PS4.  This can bring our PS4 and PC gamers a little closer.  If you’re like me and have no clue what WarThunder is you can read up here  .

Dungeon and Dragons is still going strong and if anyone is interested in becoming a Dungeon Master, talk to Space.  If you’re curious about DnD and want to get a taste, contact Space as well.  There is always room for one more and there is no pressure to fully commit to more than just one game.  

As for the PS4 side, there is a Titanfall 2 night coming up so be sure to check back on Discord in announcements and on the website for details.  There is a new Overwatch hero and hopefully you’ve had the chance to try her out.  Along with the new update, there doesn’t seem to be much love for Bastion.  

For those of you on the Xbox, there may be a Ghost Recon Wildlands night this Saturday.  Be sure to check with our Game Manager, FemalexAssassin.  

If you haven’t noticed but you’re reading this, then you should already know, the SGN website went through a little update.  Based on your feedback during suggestion week, the forums were brought back so be sure to check them out and use them  You’ll need to re-register on the website and also check your spam folder for the confirmation email after you sign up before you contact Ryan, Katie or Cammie.  

March’s movie night with Johnny featured Blazing Saddles.  Everyone had a great time and don’t worry, it’s almost April so another one is on the horizon.  These are great little breaks from gaming and a time to enjoy watching a movie with your fellow SGN members no matter where you are so long as you have internet.  

For this SGN Update, I’m switching up the featured video by SGN members.  Normally I only share one but this week you’re getting a few.  If you’d like to potentially have your video featured in the SGN update, be sure you post it in the #video-sharing channel on Discord.  You can tag me but not totally necessary.  Also, be sure to check that channel for updates on when SGN members go live with streaming and stop on by their streams.

ElOhElf is here making an amazing shot…and his reaction is priceless

Borimakto has you covered with a walkthrough of Horizon Zero Dawn.  Be sure to check out the rest of his channel as he’s been hard at work with these walkthroughs:

I know I featured Aries and Sammi in the last SGN Update but I’m suffering from Andromeda fever and could not resist sharing their take on Mass Effect Andromeda and their thoughts on Mass Effect in general…plus an awesome little story about Kaidan.


As always, game on SGN!


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