Recently a few of our favorite games rolled out their winter updates.  Personally, I’m looking forward to putting winter behind me and let’s get to spring and summer.  There is new DLC and new games are on the horizon (no pun intended you savvy PS4 exclusive pirates).  However, let’s take a look at these winter updates.  

Battlefield 1 has brought back Ribbons.  If you’ve been playing, you’ve undoubtedly noticed in the end of round screens that you’ve earned some fancy new Ribbons for your efforts.  There are 20 Ribbons to earn and each grant 300XP.  Each class in Battlefield 1 was capped at 10 but now has been increased to 50.   If you happen to reach Class Rank 50, you will get a special dog tag.  With the DLC “They Shall Not Pass” coming out in March, there were some nice little tweaks before some new epic battles.   If you enjoy getting into the dirty details, you can read Battlefield’s entire update notes here:

Destiny felt a new update just a week ago and update primarily hit the Crucible.   The intent seemed to be improving primary weapons, nerfing those bloody shotguns and a slew of changes to class and perk issues.  Secondary weapons, mainly shotguns, have always seemed to be an issue in the PvP world of Destiny.  Destiny is in year three and Bungie is still trying to find balance.  From what I’ve observed, this update has been well received in PvP circles.  You can read the patch notes here—21417.

In the Overwatch Public Test Region, Bastion is getting some love.  By the looks of the upcoming changes, Bastion is definitely getting buffed.  Without getting into too many specifics, sentry deploy time is decreased, magazine size increased and self-repair can be used while moving.  Also in the latest PTR, a custom game server browser is being used.  It will allow players to share their custom games with friends and the public in your region.  For more on the custom game server, check out this Developer Update  

Rainbow Six Siege is a game that goes a little unnoticed here at SGN, but things are pointing up for R6 as interest grows within SGN.  Just recently, Rainbow Six Siege launched its fifth major expansion since its release and the first of four content drops in 2017.  Mind you, R6 is now in year two so Ubisoft is definitely backing the game. So if you’re on the fence or worried about content drying up, you don’t have to worry.   The latest named expansion titled “Velvet Shell” brought in two new operators, a new map, and a host of customization options.   If you’d like to read the notes and overview of the new content, you can read it here:

Last but not least, ARK Survival Evolved also experienced a new update.  A few new dinosaurs have been added along with some new structures and player hairstyles.  In March, players will be seeing more new dinosaurs and a new mechanic of aquatic and amphibious creature breeding.  ARK has seen an upswing in interest within SGN on the Xbox and PS4 as our members are banding together.  We now have an ARK channel on Discord so come join the conversation.  If you’d like to read more on the patch notes and what’s to come, you can read it here:

There are quite a few changes that occurred in some of our favorite games at SGN.  Hopefully for the better and lots more on the way.  Come join us for some gaming and stay for the community.  Now, what do you all think about the winter updates?

Game on!


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